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Our Mission

At Active Living Chiropractic we are dedicated to helping your entire family stay healthy, active and pain-free through individualized chiropractic care.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Focuses on balancing the pelvis, sacrum and surrounding ligaments to allow a more comfortable pregnancy, optimal fetal positioning and easier birth.

Helping families grow healthy together!

Pre-natal and Pediatric Care

Webster Technique Certified

Sports Injuries

Helping athletes, as well as everyday people return from injury is the aim of our care.

Family Wellness Care

We love caring for families in every stage of life.

I’m Dr. Lydia Ogden, a chiropractor, wife, and momma of boys! 
In my practice I help families promote health from within through chiropractic, whole food nutrition and a natural lifestyle.  We all have the ability to heal and achieve true wellness if we focus on proper movement, eat nourishing food and think positive thoughts. 
After having my firstborn, I plunged into the realm of prenatal and pediatric chiropractic. Because as mothers, we are the gatekeepers of our home and our children’s health. That’s a huge responsibility! My hope is to support you wherever you may be on your wellness journey by giving you the resources to make your life a little less stressful. 

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(937) 444-6000

Look No Further. Get Started Today!

(937) 444-6000

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