Our Mission

At Active Living Chiropractic we are dedicated to helping your entire family stay healthy, active and pain-free through individualized chiropractic care.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Focuses on balancing the pelvis, sacrum and surrounding ligaments to allow a more comfortable pregnancy, optimal fetal positioning and easier birth.

At Active Living Chiropractic, we are dedicated to helping you overcome painful conditions and to restore and maintain your active lifestyle! This is fulfilled through a proper diagnosis, cutting edge chiropractic treatment, nutrition and functional rehabilitation exercises. We provide well-researched manual therapies and patient-centered treatment plans. As a patient, you get to participate in your health care rather than just accept it! Whatever brings you in the office, Dr. Ogden will integrate quality treatment with healthy lifestyle changes- to decrease your pain, improve your function and quality of life.

Quality pain relief, Quick Results, Improved Life!

Certified ART provider

Active Release Technique

Pre-natal and Pediatric Care

We love seeing families from pregnancy through childhood.

Sports Injuries

Helping athletes, as well as everyday people return from injury is the aim of our care.

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Look No Further. Get Started Today!

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